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malta park

The Maltapark Community Association (MCA) was founded in March 2011, and since its inception has been actively encouraging community participation. The MCA seeks to place the entire Maltapark area in an urban development context by involving stakeholders such as:

The group holds monthly meetings where residents are encouraged to voice their opinions, and share concerns regarding Malta Park development.

The MCA encourages those who reside in Malta park to be proactive with their ideas and suggestions for the area, by meeting up on a monthly basis and coming up with new projects or initiatives for the community. The association also involves residents directly through events such as:

Past Events include:

The introduction of the neighbourhood watch system, where we encouraged residents to get together and discuss safety matters in Malta park to reduce crime rates.

Assisting with local issues such as the conservation of trees within the urban area that are on private land.

The planting of new flowers and trees on Vella Drive and Uplans Drive, and the maintenance of trees in neighbouring streets to encourage Maltese tradition on main streets.

Rejuvenation of public spaces such as Vella Park with the contribution of local residents, through activities organized by the association.

The introduction of a park bench project where we educated elderly individuals on how to re-paint and re-decorate old park benches.

The organization of a public exhibition on the history of Malta Park, where we showcased plans created by professionals to encourage residents to actively engage in urban development projects, and prevent urban sprawl in Maltapark.

The creation of awareness regarding the importance of tree conservation within a community setting, through monthly meetings with government representatives such as the Forestry service, ARBA etc., helping residents understand that they can take an active role in protecting their environment by planting trees themselves or supporting initiatives for tree planting within the locality

The MCA is currently run by volunteer members who are elected at each meeting. These positions include:

Committees formed include:

The MCA is also part of the Malta Park Facebook Group, which has over 700 members. This is an online platform that allows us to communicate with residents and other entities within the vicinity. The group also holds regular meetings on every second Sunday of each month at 6pm.

Plans for this year include:

A bus shelter was donated by a local resident in 2017 and built by his friend as well as by Mr Kevin Naudi. It was inaugurated last year, but unfortunately due to carelessness on behalf of the council workers who installed it, the legs broke off when they were trying to install it after painting (this incident needs to be verified). After communicating with the council about this issue, they initially agreed to have it removed and fixed by a proper engineer who oversees such matters, but we were later informed that the bus shelter has been put on sale. This is against what had been said would happen. We feel that if it is not of standard, then it should be removed or fixed properly before being sold. The bus shelter needs to be fixed/replaced with one similar to the one donated previously (fence as well, as there are holes).

The community group intended to organise a local fest at Vella Park (near St Joseph’s Church) in collaboration with local residents and artists to celebrate Malta Park over the years; however nothing materialised due to lack of support and interest. Plans are still being made for the future to come up with an idea that will benefit everyone, as well as safeguard the heritage of Malta Park.

The community group is also working on a new project concerning Vella Drive and Uplans Drive, which includes landscaping, having some of the tarmac at certain areas removed to create more space for parking/driving etc., more trees etc. We feel that this would help residents who park along these streets (as there is no designated parking space in this area), as well as residents living near here or nearby, since it’s a main road leading up to Paceville from Monaco and Saint Paul’s Bay; congestion is often caused by those trying to find parking.

The community group has approached a local artist with the idea of painting various murals on walls/fences around Malta Park, to prevent graffiting and tagging in this area. We are waiting for a response from him but if he agrees, we will approach the council to get approval etc., so that we can start implementing such ideas.

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