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The Malta residence permit is issued to third country nationals who are ordinarily resident in Malta. The Residence Permit will be issued for a period of two (2) years, but it may not exceed the period during which the applicant holds a valid passport which entitles him/her to enter Malta.

A passport must be submitted with completed application form together with full set of fingerprints and a recent photograph.

The application form must be submitted to the Malta Residence and Visa Unit, or in person at one of our offices. A non-refundable visa fee of €280.50 is payable for this category. This fee can be paid in cash or online and all applicants are strongly advised to use one of our bank payment channels.

Documents required:

· Completed Application Form accompanied by the prescribed processing fees; · Copy of passport/ travel documents with validity date not exceeding 6 months; · Two recently acquired passport size photographs; · he/she will reimburse all expenditures incurred by Malta regarding said criminal case; · Medical Certificate issued within six (6) months which proves applicant’s good health and fitness to travel. This certificate must be attested by a Public Health Official in the country where it was issued.

Processing Time: The processing time for this category of permit is eight to twelve weeks. After this period, applicants are notified as regards whether their application has been approved or not . If applicant’s application is successfully processed, the Residence Permit will be delivered through courier services to the address specified on the application form on employer address.

This passport must be presented at the Malta border together with a Residence Permit (if issued). Applicants are advised to carry their original landed immigrant certificate of registration/permit, in addition to their Residence Permit; as this may be requested by the law enforcement authorities.

Any person holding a valid work permit or permit for a specific activity will not have to apply for a residence permit but shall present his/her passport and working document, which both must clearly indicate that they belong to the same person, at The Malta border.

A UK visa holder who is ordinarily resident in Malta will also need to obtain a residence permit unless s/he holds an EEA Family Permit issued by another EEA Member State.

All persons entering Malta will be issued with a Visit Permit for one month, which can be extended by the Malta Residence and Visa Unit . If applicants wish to stay in Malta more than three months, they need to apply for a residence permit upon arrival in the country. Applicants are therefore strongly advised to contact us before their entry into Malta so that we can arrange for them to meet with one of our solicitors who will assist you with your application at Amigo Corner (Valletta) or Sliema. An extension on your residence permit may still be granted if you have not arrived prior to the expiry date as long as you have notified us of your change of travel plans and provided us with valid reasons.

Applicants who arrive in Malta without a valid residence permit will be refused entry into the country. All costs incurred for their repatriation to their place of origin will have to be borne by them.

A maximum stay is granted on the basis that applicants have been working or studying legally in Malta for at least two years.

The renewal procedure can take up to 9 months from the date of application submission if biometrics are not taken at our offices. This process can be expedited within 3-4 weeks upon payment of an additional facilitation fee (Click here)for which you would require a credit card/debit card with sufficient funds to cover this facilitation fee. Upon payment of the facilitation fee, a new passport will be issued within two (2) working days and sent via courier services.

A new Residence Permit is issued at the expiration of the previous one. The process duration can vary from 4 – 9 months depending on when you apply for renewal and if biometrics are taken in our offices or by post . Applications that are not accompanied with biometric fees also take longer than non-biometric applications to process due to the fact that applicants need to appear at MSIDA during office opening hours to have their photographs taken . Please note that we charge €280 per applicant for this service.

The Residence Permits are issued for periods varying between two (2) weeks and one (1) year. Upon expiry of this period applicants can request an extension . The Residence Permit card with which the holder is legally entitled to live and work in Malta must be carried at all times and will be returned to the holder at the end of the extension period.

A Residence Permit is issued within a few days if (i) biometrics have been taken in our offices or by post, or (ii) an applicant who has not submitted his/her biometric data or whose previous application for this purpose was unsuccessful decides to go ahead with it. If applicants do not wish to submit their biometric data when applying for a residence permit or want it done later on, they can apply for an extension of their passport.

In many cases you can avoid inconvenient visits to MSIDA as all necessary documentation can be submitted by mail and email . The only document which must be presented is your passport at the time of application. All other documents are also be allowed to submit by mail or email.

Frequently Asked Question For Malta Resident

FAQ: What if I have trouble paying by card?  

Unfortunately there have been some cases where certain customers were unable to pay through their credit cards. In some of these cases the bank or card company has blocked the payment due to irregular activities. We are unable to release any documents until full payment is received.

Please make sure that you have sufficient funds available before making a transaction as we do not hold on to the money and it is credited back into your account straight away. If you have any doubt whether your payment will go through, please contact with your employer and we shall advise you accordingly.

FAQ: I haven’t received my Residence Card yet

Applications take approximately 2 weeks from the day of approval for issuance of new cards issued by courier services ( if applications are submitted without biometrics taken in our offices). All applicants are given prior notice when their card is ready for collection.

We have also provided the option of applicants collecting their card directly from our offices without prior notice upon payment of a fee.This facility is usually not recommended as there have been cases where applicants forget to collect their card on time and they are not able to apply for an extension of their residence permit before it expires. If you live too far away from Valletta, you can choose between two options: (i) Collect your Residence Permit at our offices after biometrics has been taken in our offices or by post, or (ii) Appoint someone to collect your Residence Permit on your behalf with Power of Attorney . If you choose the option i), we require that biometric data first be submitted to avoid an unnecessary visit to our offices for collection. If you choose option ii), you are required to submit a copy of your passport (which must be presented at the time of application) and Power of Attorney together with signed consent letter from yourself, original ID documents (i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate etc.)

We would like to stress that every applicant is issued with an original Residence Permit bearing his/her photograph and signature . This document can only be collected by the person whose name appears on it. Any other person will not be issued with any kind of document but will have to produce ID documents if requested by MCCI officials upon collecting the residence permit holder’s card.  The card cannot be given or forwarded to another person for any reason. If you collect your card in person, you will need to fill out a declaration form which we shall hand over to you together with the card.  If someone else collects your card on your behalf please make sure that they return the completed form directly back to the MCCI (not to us) as this will help us track any cards which may have been given or forwarded by mistake .

FAQ: I live outside Malta and cannot go through biometrics at our offices

Applications can be submitted without biometrics taken in our offices provided that applicants are able to produce their original valid passports with at least two blank pages which must include the page bearing the photograph of the applicant. These passports should also be valid for at least a period of 6 months after the date of application and should bear clear personal details such as names, addresses and dates of birth. Applications will only be accepted from persons holding citizenship or residence status in the European Economic Area (EEA).

FAQ: What if I don’t have a passport? – Applicants who are unable to present either their original passports with at least two blank pages or valid Residence Permits issued by another EU Member State must submit an affidavit sworn or signed before a magistrate/notary public declaring that they lost their original documents and promising to replace them as soon as possible. The affidavit must also include the applicant’s home address and 2 passport size photographs. In cases where applicants may not be able to present their original passport with at least two blank pages , they should contact the MCCI’s Queries Section on 117 or email us at and ask for an appointment to have their fingerprints taken in our offices . If you are applying by post a letter must be included which explains that you need to have your fingerprint data forwarded to Malta and adds  “Please note that I/We will incur additional costs for this service”.

FAQ:  Why can’t I use DS-82 application forms which are issued by US Embassies?

– The DS-82 form cannot be downloaded directly from our website or any other official government website in Malta including the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security’s sites. Forms must be requested either via email (, fax (2122315) or telephone (21 999991/93 / 94). Furthermore, applicants should note that we do not sponsor visa-free travel to the United States by virtue of having an approved Form DS19 .

FAQ: What if I have multiple citizenships?

– The MCCI’s records only show evidence of applicants’ citizenship and residency data as at 1st January 2014 , therefore applications should be submitted using the same citizenship details which were listed on your passport(s) as at that date . Applicants who have acquired another citizenship between 1st January 2014 and the date of their application should provide evidence of this (such as a valid passport) with their applications.

FAQ: I am already resident in Malta; do I still have to apply for citizenship?

– You may be eligible for Maltese citizenship by descent if you were born abroad (outside Malta) or obtained another citizenship before 1st January 2014, one of your parents has to be valid Maltese citizenship then you will be eligble to change your citizenship. as at that date. You should download and complete Form 917 (Application for Citizenship by Descent) .

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